NASA’s Parker Solar Probe ‘touches’ the Sun

Scientists on Tuesday announced at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union that NASA’s Parker Solar Probe plunged through the unexplored solar atmosphere of corona and has officially become the first-ever spacecraft to ‘touch’ the surface of the Sun. The spacecraft in its eight close had gone through the corona of the Sun in April and took the scientists a few months to get the data and a few more months for its confirmation. The spacecraft was launched in 2018 and scientists have reported that it has since dipped in and out of the solar atmosphere at least thrice and with a smooth transition each time. Primary data indicates that the probe dipped in the corona during the ninth close approach in August and during the tenth approach last month, however, scientists report that further analyses are to be made. Due to the absence of a solid surface on the Sun, most activities occur in the corona and the exploration of this atmosphere which is magnetically intense helps in understanding the solar outbursts and their impact on life on Earth. The Parker space probe will keep moving closer towards the sun deeper into the corona until its final orbit in 2025.


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