The Bachelor’s degree BCA model for computer applications is identical to the standard B.Sc. Process. Programme. It’s an IT program at the undergraduate level. Following (10+ 2) the BCA is a three year postgraduate program. Description of the BCA Course: BCA is one of the best courses for students who want to pursue a career in IT. Computer Science and Computing has plenty related to BCA. Students are provided with knowledge on topics such as computer networks, programming languages, hardware and software.


BCA Course Details

Course Details
Full form Bachelor of computer Applications
Course Type Regular
Duration Course Duration for Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] is 3 Years.
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent
Fee Offered  INR 15k – 2 lakhs per annum or 1.5 Lakh INR to 6 Lakh INR for 3 years
Average Salary Offered The average BCA salary is from INR2.4 lakh per annum to INR 3.76 lakh per annum
Employment opportunities Software Engineer, Software Tester, Project Manager


What is BCA

Computer Application Bachelor’s[ BCA] is a computer-oriented application program which has proved popular for students to pursue careers. This topic helps students gain the extensive knowledge of computer science in structured formats to resolve complex problems.

BCA topics demonstrate strong know-how in important areas like computer science or computer science. The research and synthesis needed for computer systems, information systems and computer applications are also conducted.

BCA: Admission

A specific entrance test by the appropriate colleges, which may fall in the month of May and June, usually allows the access to a daily BCA system.

In general, BCA Course entry is administered by the universities concerned through a specific entrance test. In some colleges, the regular program includes concurrent training. You may obtain information on the BCA programs and qualifications for admissions either from the University website or through the University Admissions Office. In a match to the existing documents, the candidates will need to complete the details required.

BCA: Eligibility

The Bachelor of Computer Application [ BCA ] admission procedure varies from colleges and academies. Some may carry out entries and may also include live interviews for the college admissions process and higher marks for BCA admission.

This course has a minimum age of 18. For the curriculum framework, there is no upper age limit. Students with over 55 percent of marks with background subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics who have cleared the S.S.C and Intermediate Program as (10 + 2).

BCA: Syllabus

1st Semester Mathematics I
Programming using C
Principles of Management
Communication and Soft Skills
Computer Fundamentals
Programming in ‘C’ Lab
Computer Fundamentals and Information Technology Lab


2nd Semester Data Structures
Digital Electronics
Business Accounting
Environmental Studies
Object Oriented Programming and UML with C++
Discrete Mathematics
Data Structures Lab
Object Oriented Programming and UML using C++  Lab
3rd Semester Computer Networks (Cisco Track)
Database Management System & Data Modeling ( Oracle track)
Operating Systems
Computer  Organization and Architecture
Business Communication
Operating Systems Lab
Database Management System & Data Modeling Lab  ( Oracle track)
Computer Networks  Lab (Cisco Track)


4th Semester Agile Systems
Open Elective I
Python Scripting
Program Elective I
Web Technology with PHP
Web Technology with PHP Lab
Program Elective Lab I
Python Scripting Lab


5th Semester Digital Marketing
Open Elective II
Program Elective II
Computer Graphics and Animation
Android Development
Program Elective lab II
Minor Project-I
Digital Marketing lab
Android Development lab


6th Semester Information Security
Program Elective IV
Program Elective III
Information Security Lab
Program Elective Lab III
Major  Project


BCA: College’s

The Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the world’s most popular programs for MNC businesses and IT firms. To keep your future clear, you should have a good education quality. Some of the top universities in the BCA are here.

  • Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College, Ujire.
  • Prestige Institute of Mangement, Gwalior.
  • GLS University.
  • The Oxford College of Science. Bangalore.
  • Jain University. Bangalore.
  • Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science. Coimbatore.
  • Ethiraj College for Women (Ethiraj) Chennai.
  • Amity University – Lucknow Campus. Lucknow.
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Presidency College, Bangalore
  • Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Pune
  • DAV College, Chandigarh

BCA: Specialization

BCA Course Specialization is shown below:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Word Processing
  • Internet Technologies
  • Animation
  • Cyber Law
  • Software Testing
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Personal Information Management
  • BCA (General)
  • BCA (Database systems)
  • BCA (Animation and Multimedia)

BCA: Job Opportunity

Bachelor of Computer Application [ BCA ] comprises of the topics C Software Introduction, BCA, Algebra, Electronic Machine Fundamentals, Calculus, Operating Systems, Computer networks and Information Structures. So they can function as a person.

  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Network Administrator
  • System Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • System administrator
  • System Administrator
  • System Security Officer
  • Software Architect
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Financial Institutes
  • Government Departments
  • Security and Surveillance

BCA: Course Salary

The average salary for BCA fresher ranges from 12,000 to 25,000 a month or  and the pay increases with experience and work results. Companies like TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra recruit a huge number of freshers for their sectors in Lakhs within two to three years.


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